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Some companies even require an applicant to attend a pre-screening interview to ask a bunch of questions such as, “What is your educational background?”, “Will you be able to commit to shift work?”, “How many years of experience do you have?” etc. Imagine asking these set of questions to hundreds of applicants and the time it consumes.

It has always been a chore to pre-screen candidates to ensure they’re relevant for the role. This process can take up a lot of a recruiter’s time; from making calls to asking mundane repetitive questions only to find out that the candidate does not qualify for the role. As much as a hassle, pre-screening candidates ensure the quality of candidates coming in for an interview, thus it is an important and sometimes necessary process.

The process is equally as inefficient for potential candidates as it requires them to spend for travel fare, food and miscellaneous fees just to attend these interviews. Worse, there is no guarantee that the applicant could get shortlisted.


HR recruitment heads do not have to be tech-savvy in order to make the process easy. GrabJobs offers an all-in-one solution that reduces time taken to screen candidates and increasing overall recruitment process efficiency by 90%! Leveraging on technology, GrabJobs has implemented an Interview Chat Bot that automatically screens and rank candidates based on their answers. The automated process works accordingly by:

– Entering a set of pre-screening interview questions that will be automatically asked over chat to applicants.

– Customize the question with multiple choice answers and set a score for each answer-choice.

– The scores will then be automatically calculated for each applicant. Applicants will appear on your dashboard sorted by their interview score. This will then filter the most relevant candidates to appear at the top of your dashboard, eliminating the need to pre-screen every single candidate.

Coupled with other features like the Automated Interview Scheduler, Multi-channel Job Postings and Advanced Database Search filters, GrabJobs sets it’s bar a notch above many traditional job portals. Fast and effective hiring made possible through automation. Let GrabJobs help you make it happen—more action, less expense.