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GrabJobs – May 2019 Update

The month of May has been A-MAY-ZING! We are excited to announce the following:

H&M is Now Hiring on GrabJobs!

H&M is now on GrabJobs!

H&M is currently looking for job seekers to fill their many positions! H&M is one of the largest retail companies operating more than 4000+ stores worldwide with products available in 48 different online markets as well. Interested in working for H&M? Click the link at the bottom to take a look at all the jobs available!

H&M Jobs:

Product Improvements: Job Seeker Referral Programs

Click on the eye-catching banner to refer friends and family!

Know a friend who’s looking for a job? Well, why not refer them!

There is a referral banner in our app that is on every job description page. Clicking on this banner will direct you to our referral page where you can enter the email of friends & family you’d like to refer.

Take the lead and empower others!


Namira in her natural habitat.

Welcome our new Business Consultant, Namira Adam! Namira was in the Corporate Sales sector before she joined GrabJobs. Wanting a change in industry as well as more challenge, she took up the role to further expand her talent in sales and client relationship management.

“I joined GrabJobs because I find their recruitment solution is really innovative and I stand with their mission to help employers connect with jobseekers by leveraging on technology. The team is dynamic, energetic and I wanted to experience a start-up work culture as well!”

Outside of work, Namira enjoys snorkeling and water sports.

“It’s a huge plus for me that the place I work in comes with free access to swimming amenities! Also, I can finally wear my favourite pair of pink sneakers to work”

You got that right Namira!