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GrabJobs Welcomes Our New Sales Director, Fiona Thia!

We’re happy to introduce Ms Fiona Thia, ex-Head of Business Development at aCommerce, who joins us as Sales Director based in our Singapore office! She will be tasked to develop our Enterprise SaaS and SME SaaS offerings.

We spoke to Fiona to learn a little more about her background, and her hopes for the GrabJobs team:

1. Fiona, welcome to the team! What has been your career journey leading up to this?

It’s a pleasure to join the team! My working experience started way back while I was waiting to start university; I worked in Chili’s RWS as part of their opening team. After graduating, I started off in the hospitality industry as one of Hilton Worldwide’s Southeast Asia Management Trainee with a specialisation in F&B. During the experiential rotation program, I found my calling in Sales, and left to pursue Business Development roles in start-ups spanning across education, F&B tech and eCommerce/Retail.

My career really took a positive turn during my time in Quandoo. Quandoo is a pioneer in the restaurant reservations platform and I had initially joined as a Partner Manager but was promoted to Head of Key Account Management in 6 months as I pushed for the restructure and combination of the Sales and Partner management teams into one function so as to focus and improve our client experience as a differentiating factor from other competitors. Most recently, I was the Head of Business Development at aCommerce, where I was responsible for the acquisition and onboarding of several key Fortune 500 Clients in Singapore and Malaysia.

2. What have been some of your key achievements so far?

I always strive to be the best, and being the top sales performer at every company I’ve worked at is definitely one of them.

Funny story: I was a few days into my new role at a previous company had no idea there was this sales challenge going on. I was focused on hitting my revenue targets (to keep my role)  and accidentally became the top global performer for that quarter, where I won a Vespa! However, my HQ was in Europe so I got the cash instead of the Vespa, because we all know how much more a Vespa costs in Singapore, haha.

Personally, I’ve been doing Aerial Silks (aerial acrobatics) for a couple of years and am currently at the dance choreography level. It’s an achievement I’m pretty proud of as I have never taken any sort of dance classes since young and honestly have no musicality, haha.

3. Why did you join GrabJobs?

My background in F&B, Hospitality and Retail/eCommerce coupled with the fact that I’ve mostly been working in start-ups across varying stages of growth means that I bring with me a unique mix of experience across the verticals that GrabJobs aims to conquer. I’ve also learnt a lot about commercial team structures and processes throughout my career, and I’m excited to bring this experience onboard GrabJobs to help catapult the company into a leader in recruitment technology and Job Portal 4.0.

4. What do you do in your free time?

I’m guilty of the following:

  • Netflix-ing (I need my TV series binge)
  • Cooking for my husband and friends by trying out various recipes that I’ve saved on social media
  • Picking up new sports such as contact rugby, pole dance, yoga (which is my new obsession)
  • Downloading ebooks on my Kobo app and trying to find time to get through them