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How To Join The List of Highest Shortlisted Job Seeker Profiles On GrabJobs

Our GrabJobs platform now has over 600,000 users, and we’re ecstatic about it! We’ve been working on a number of updates for our users, including our recently announced ‘Dynamic Profile Creation’ feature, but we wanted to just showcase some success stories! We can’t mention the specific users, but here are some methods that you could implement in order to be on prospective employers’ shortlists:

  1. Did you know that there’s a badge that shows that you’re primed and ready to work? Turn on the ‘Enabling Immediately Available’ status; a little badge will pop up beside your name, informing potential employers that you can start work right away.
  2. While our new feature allows you to automatically fill in relevant job questions without uploading another CV, it still helps if your ‘About Me’ section showcases your unique personality and career objectives. Referring to the image above, you can see that the ‘About Me’ section makes your profile look more completed and optimised. Update the section with fun tidbits about your hobbies, volunteer projects, or your 10-year career plan; anything that distinguishes you from another profile.
  3. Speaking of standing out, make sure you have an updated photo of yourself! We don’t recommend selfies; ask a friend to take a well-lit photo of you smiling, and you’re bound to stick in potential employers’ minds.
  4. Don’t be afraid to show off your skills! Pick three to five skills that will be relevant to potential employers, and add them to your ‘Skills’ section. What have you learnt from your studies or past work experiences? Include them so that employers can learn more about what you can do!
  5. Of course, lastly, always try to include your past work experience if you can. Anything that can be relevant will be used as a benchmark for employers to figure out how much training needs to be provided, so speak positively about projects you’ve created or been awarded for, and add all your achievements!
Here’s a good example of how one should go about indicating their past experience.