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Recruitment Expert: Why Email And Call Candidates When You Can Do This

“How hard is it to set up an interview?”
“Why does it take so long to hire part-timers?”
“Why don’t you just call them and interview them over the phone?”

Do these questions sound familiar? It’s the curse of a recruiter; we spend a lot of time communicating with people who just don’t understand the amount of work that goes into hiring.

Many people think that recruiters have an easy life posting jobs and searching databases, before quickly setting up interviews. However, it’s much more complex than that, with recruitment trends, statistics and data to keep up with, as well as the administrative work that comes with hiring. Coordination with different stakeholders for interviews and screening processes can also take up precious time during the workday. Not everyone can be a successful recruiter, and hire exceptionally for a company.

Externally, trying to contact and set up interviews with the applicants can be frustratingly slow-going. Even after perusing through a list of CVs, there’s still the screening and interview process. Emails might slip into the Junk or Spam section, and not everyone is going to be free for calls and interviews during work hours. In the case of high-volume recruitment for part-timers, especially, it can be tough to contact applicants who might be working long or unpredictable hours.

Many recruitment platforms have hardly progressed beyond being a job board, though, so recruiters have had to deal with this problem by, well, continuing to do it the old way. We manually contact candidates, seeing if they reply the email or pick up the phone call, and then determine if they’re a good fit. That’s the method that’s been used for more than 20 years, and we’re sick of it.

Our solution to this recruitment predicament? An application that allows the candidates to exchange crucial messages within the comfort of their mobile phones. Everyone depends on mobile messaging platforms to communicate quickly and easily with friends and family, even during work hours, so it would be easier for candidates to quickly answer questions through an app.

This, however, doesn’t mean that we have to shift our hiring techniques to the mobile app. GrabJobs allows recruiters to set up a list of automated interview questions for all candidates, which can include information such as notice period, expected pay, years of experience, etc. Those questions will be sent through the app to the candidate, who can quickly type the answers into the app. Those answers will then be parsed through predetermined scores, allowing candidates to be ranked by ‘most promising’ to ‘least likely’. Candidates can also be added to shortlists. No more screening calls that’ll require multiple tries, only to become a waste of time when the candidate isn’t even qualified.

After the shortlist is created, the recruiter can then set up interviews through an interview scheduler. Interview schedulers make our lives easier by allowing us to set specific times blocks for interviews, which will be sent to the candidates for them to choose. No more back-and-forth emailing over interview date and times!

We’re looking for a method to quickly screen candidates and then interview them, so this technology and application is an upgrade from other recruitment platforms, while still keeping the human touch that makes us recruiters crucial to the hiring process. Instead of crafting a long email or picking up a phone call, though, we can now post the job ad, and then sit back and wait for the shortlist and scheduled interviews to come flooding in. That gives us more time to focus on other tasks, such as more hires!