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Southeast Asian jobs marketplace GrabJobs rolls out interview bot, aims to cut down recruitment timeline

[Article as per published on e27]


GrabJobs has put an end to the “Apply Now” button and replaced it with an “Interview Now” button.


Jobs marketplace GrabJobs has cut down recruitment timelines by launching Artificial Intelligence Recruitment Assistant – or AIRA – in their mobile jobs platform.

AIRA conducts pre-screening interviews with job applicants through chat and aims to ease the interview process for both the job seekers and the recruiters. Through the interview bot, job seekers are given the chance to get noticed by answering interview questions. Recruiters, on the other hand, are able to filter and shortlist candidates based on more than just their CV.

“Answering a question like ‘what do you like about our brand?’ will not only set apart candidates who do their research from those who don’t, but will moreover give immediate insight about the applicant to the employer,” explains GrabJobs co-founder Emmanuel Crouy.

Instead of having person-to-person interviews with all the applicants where recruiters ask the same questions, AIRA initiates a conversation as soon as applicants apply for the job where it asks pre-screening interview questions that are pre-determined by the recruiters. The interview bot then scores the interviews and ranks them based on the applicants’ responses. Since recruiters simply need to review the top rated answers, they would be able to respond quickly to the applicants and focus on doing in-person interviews with quality candidates.


“Using traditional job apps and websites, candidates will apply without knowing if the application has been viewed or not. This leaves them hanging for weeks, a frustration we hope to eliminate,” said GrabJobs Regional Marketing Manager Elyn Lim.

Conducting pre-screening interviews is only the first step for AIRA. GrabJobs plans to upgrade it with machine learning, as well as add more features such as job recommendations, news updates, and personality quizzes.

GrabJobs and AIRA are currently in use in Singapore, Philippines, Thailand, and Myanmar. Both are translated in local languages, providing Thai and Burmese job interview chat bots.