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Why A Part-Time Job In Retail Will Help Your Career

There is a strong misconception around retail employees. People assume that the roles do not require a lot of skills given the low barriers to entry, and that it is only as a ‘temporary holiday job’ rather than a profession.

However, we’re here to tell you that you’re wrong. Due to the advancement of technology as well as ever-changing preferences, people working in the Retail industry find themselves constantly challenged to adapt. Regardless of whether you’re looking for a long-term career in retail, or just interested in making a quick buck during the summer holidays, Retail as an industry is one that we should all be excited about.

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The Retail Industry Is Huge In Singapore

It’s true: the traditional retail industry isn’t doing well, especially in Singapore. Brick & mortar stores are not performing as well before. People are less inclined to travel to an outlet specifically to shop.

However, this isn’t a sinking ship by any measure. The Singapore government has been working to help traditional retailers digitise their businesses through the release of the Retail Industry Digital Plan back in 2016.

This is because the problem isn’t that people aren’t spending; in fact, as per a Straits Times article back in 2014, Singaporeans actually shop a lot. We shop so much that we’re South-East Asia’s top shoppers. The difference? We mostly shop online.

This means that the retail industry is going through a huge revolution instead of dying. This nifty infographic by singstat even shows that there are over 26,500 retail establishments in Singapore alone, contributing over SGD$48 million in operating receipts in 2017 alone.

Part-Time Retail Job Experience Is More Valuable Than You Think

In this case, it seems like job seekers should look for roles in online shopping destinations, right? Yes.

However, it’s not easy to qualify for such a role without any prior experience. Working in e-commerce requires a niche set of skills. If you look at our list of retail jobs, you’ll see that most in-house shop assistant roles have lower barriers to entry in terms of requirements. That’s what we call a good entry point into the industry: by working part-time in an actual store, you’re collecting industry experience that can be used to further your career in retail. The e-commerce aspect of retail involves identifying a customer’s wants and their journey with your brand, then digitizing the experience online to make it convenient and efficient. Working in-house will definitely give you a first-hand experience engaging with customers.

Even if you’re looking to become a store supervisor or manager, you’ll see that most of these roles require years of retail experience. By working part-time in retail, you’ll be earning money while acquiring relevant experience.

Furthermore, the reliance on online shopping takes away one of the most important customer experience when shopping; that is the quality of service rendered by the retail staff. The lack of human interaction during shopping online could definitely work in favour of in-house retail staff by leaving a lasting impression on customers as well as the brand.

In fact, retail job experience is so in demand that the Singapore government has been fast-tracking retail internships. Singapore needs more retail workers.

And this isn’t just relevant for the retail industry. Many front office roles look fondly on retail experience because it shows that you have experience working with, and handling customers. A referral from your previous store supervisor could work even better than qualifications when it comes to helping you land that sales job.

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