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Job Description


Job description:
1. Develop foreign trade business, expand overseas markets, and develop and maintain foreign customers.
2. Collect market information and submit market analysis reports.
3. Liaison, negotiation and negotiation with foreign customers.
4, Order processing, to ensure delivery according to customers’ requirements.
5. Recording and analysis of related business.

Job requirements:
1. Basic Requirements: 23-28 Years old; Smart and eager to learn.
2. Experience Requirements: 2 years working experience in foreign trade business.
3. Academic requirements: Undergraduate; foreign language or foreign trade major; CET-6 and above.
4. Ability requirements:
(1) Good at English Listening, speaking, and writing.
(2) Skilled in using computers, familiar with e-commerce, Internet promotion knowledge and network marketing knowledge.

Work Time: 5 days/week and 8h/day.

Working Place:HK

 Location:  Kowloon.  How to get there?

 Location:  Kowloon.

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