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Quantity Surveyor Officer

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Full Time

Job Description

Quantity Surveyor Officer

Responsibilities :


  • Preparing tender documents, include Bill of Quantity
  • Evaluating of work tender
  • Making costs for tenders and contracts

Post-contract :

  • Valuing completed work and arranging for payments
  • Negotiating additional work with contractors

Requirements :

  • Minimum Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering or equivalent
  • Minimum 2 years experience in the related field is required for this position,preferred in Engineering – Civil/Construction/Structural
  • Excellent skill in Microsoft Office, Autocad

About Us

Chances within Synthesis Development are extremely wide, because in just over one decade of history marked with steady growth, Synthesis Development has grown into one of the leading property developer company in Indonesia.

We are investing our future by investing in you. We are committed to continuously develop new innovation in urban living world by develop new ideas, new trends, and creativity. We are sure that you will explore your potential abilities, and we dare you to join with us.

Working with Us
1. Competitive Salary
2. Career Path Opportunity
3. Monthly and annual Incentive
4. Outstanding Employee Rewards
5. Insurance Provision
6. Positive Work environment
7. Training Development

Our Culture

Discipline; Behavior that is always based on rules and norms that apply within and outside the company. Discipline includes obedience to laws and regulations, procedures, traffic, work time, interacting with colleagues, and so on.

Openness; Readiness to give and receive correct information from and to fellow coworkers for the benefit of the company.

Mutual respect; Behavior that shows respect for individuals, duties and responsibilities of other fellow colleagues.

Cooperation; Willingness to give and receive contributions from and or to colleagues in achieving the company’s goals and targets


Internal Training

  • New Employee Orientation
  • Service Excellent
  • Grooming Standard
  • Leadership

External Training

  • SSAP (Synthesis Sales Apprentice Program) – External Special sales team training activities with the main goal of producing Sales high competency – High motivation – High achievement
  • SMDP 2018 (Synthesis Management Development Program) – External

Training activities related to the core competency company and are divided into 3 training levels:

  • ODP (Officer Dev. Program)
  • SDP (Supervisor Dev. Program)
  • MDP (Manager Dev. Program)

Social Activities

Q: After submitting a job application, what is the next process?
A: If your application has been successfully sent, we will do the analysis on your profile. Only candidates with qualified qualifications which we will invite to the next process. Information and invitations will delivered via email, sms or telephone.

Q: Why can’t my email be sent to the email listed?
A: Make sure the size of the attachments sent does not exceed 2 MB.

Q: What is the cost of the recruitment process in Synthesis Development?
A: Free!
Beware of fraud with the recruitment mode on behalf of Synthesis Development. We have never collected any fees or not cooperate with any ticket & travel agent in the recruitment process.

Make sure the invitation email you received came from the domain @ synthesis-

Q: How do I find out the announcement of the selection that I followed?
A: Announcement of the selection results is only notified to candidates qualified.
And the results of the selection for the Psycho-test and Interview stages will be notified via SMS, telephone or e-mail approximately 2 weeks from the date implementation of selection.

Q: How long is the recruitment process in Synthesis Development?
A: The time required in the recruitment process depends on each company in the Synthesis Development Group, but we will always notify applicant status.

Telephone : 021-8317755
Email : [email protected]

 Location: Jakarta.  How to get there?

 Location: Jakarta.

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