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Nanyang Telecom Inc is an Internet Bandwidth Provider. Its main business is Internet Bandwidth Service, US Network Integrated Cabling, Network Equipment Room Construction and Network Operation and Maintenance Services. Meet the user’s needs for multimedia network applications such as office, e-commerce, video surveillance, website browsing, etc. Based on the new century high-tech development and advanced networking technology, we provide end-to-end broadband solutions for users, and gradually develop broadband products and various value-added services based on multimedia technology. In the future, Nanyang Telecom will show users a more comprehensive "broadband expert" image with better network quality, more advanced technology and more humanized services, and lead users to a better network experience. Nanyang Telecom is committed to being a "network steward around the customer", and in-depth service to all aspects of the business process; Customers can complain about network malfunctions through a 24-hour customer service hotline, Internet, fax and other channels at any time, and strictly abide by the "within half an hour, within two hours" service promise.