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Blessed to Bless Ph is a unit of Amethyst Quartz which is one of the partner branches of Pru Life UK. Pru Life UK is a leading insurance company in the Philippines, offering the best financial products in the market to help the Filipinos save and prepare for the future and protect loved ones from the uncertainties of life. We are a team of individuals with a united vision of becoming financially independent but with the heart to help others. And these vision and mission can be achieved by partnering with Pru Life UK as Financial Advisors. Pru Life UK provides the opportunity to have a business and a career at the same time. Life with Pru Life UK is a journey of learnings, challenges and fun. We believe in working hard and praying harder to accomplish our goals. As we deliver our best financial products and services to our clients, we endeavor to share to business minded Filipinos the opportunity of becoming a Financial Advisor with our great business partner, the Pru Life of UK.