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Job Description - Hub Supervisor

About QuadX

Launched in 2015, QuadX is the leading Experience Innovator in the country, specializing in cross-border digital logistics and e-commerce payment processing. QuadX is the company behind the following digital platforms:  ShippingCart (cross-border shipping service for products from the US and UK to the PH and Malaysia), and  Gogo Xpress (online payment and delivery tool for social sellers).

QuadX is driven to make ecommerce and business building as simple as clicking a trackpad. To make shopping less about lines and more about enjoying. To take the anxiety out of payment and delivery and make the world both marketplace and playground. We reinvent experiences and open new doors. And we invest in the data and technology to power that vision.

Here at QuadX, we’re exposing casual sellers to bigger audiences. We’re giving tools for the Social Seller to transform her hobby into a business, his passion into enterprise. We’re giving every Filipino a chance to seize a share of the future.

We are QuadX. And we’re in the business of building Futurepreneurs. 

Role Purpose


The Hub Supervisor oversees all activities in the assigned Warehouse to make sure the objectives are being met and ensure the Hub runs safely, smoothly, and efficiently. The Hub Supervisor ensures timely deployment and consistent service levels and performance of Rider Partners across all hubs nationwide. He or she will be responsible for standardizing and maintaining the quality of QuadX rider partners.


  • Ensure effective planning, allocation of parcels, clustering, and rostering of Couriers in the event of Courier absenteeism, rest days, and excess or low loads.
  • Facilitate and monitor the parcel sorting process to ensure parcels are accurately and completely sorted within the allocated time frame and before cut-off times to achieve SDOD KPI.
  • Facilitate and monitor the validity of inbound exceptions left on Hub floor daily and ensure the event capture process is performed accurately and completely. The return process is completed timely and complete daily.
  • The Hub Supervisor is responsible for facilitating and monitor the Validation of failed delivery parcels returned by Courier and the Runsheet Check-In process is performed accurately and completely.
  • For the Return process, the Hub Supervisor is responsible for facilitating and monitor the return process to ensure all canceled parcels are recorded in LMS accurately and processed timely.
  • The Hub Supervisor will be the point person in the hub for all Rider Partner acquisition & deployment, concerns, cascades, monitoring, and performance improvement plans.

What You'll Do:

  • Supervise and manage the entire operation of hubs.
  • Plan directed and monitored the team to achieve operational targets.
  • Must be well-versed with all operational policies and guidelines set by the company.
  • Authorized to assign or delegate key roles and tasks to any member of the team who can help the team to carry out overall operational responsibilities.
  • In close coordination with the Team and must see to it that there are checks and controls on how functions are delegated to ensure smooth flow of operations.
  • Based on the demands of operations and upon close coordination with the team, the Hub Leader may assign or reassign members' job functions and responsibilities. Such movements and re-assignments must be coordinated with the Immediate Head for documentation and necessary turnover of accountability.
  • Ensure hub operations comply with regulatory standards which include but are not limited to monitoring of contracts, leases, and negotiating extensions. Ensuring completion of registration requirements, permits, and licenses.
  • Responsible for proper monitoring of all assets issued by the company to the team such as but not limited to Vaults, computers and their accessories, vehicles, etc. and shall immediately report any discrepancies, lost, or damages to the Immediate Head.
  • Oversee the Cashier and provide assistance if needed.
  • Prepare, manage, and organize all records and databases related to the job for reference, research, and reports. This may include but is not limited to archiving, developing templates, and submission of reports.
  • Ensure compliance of all members to VL policies.
  • Approval of member's VL/SL requests.
  • Cancellation or rescheduling of approved leaves to address operational concerns.
  • Approval of all requests made by the members of the team provided that the said requests are within the specified limits of the team such as repairs, supplies, materials, etc.
  • Ensure the hub's proper level of inventory of supplies and materials
  • Approval of petty cash replenishment before final approval of the immediate Head.

Rider Reports and Monitoring

  • Daily attendance monitoring
  • Daily productivity monitoring
  • Weekly handheld inventory (including retrieval of handhelds)
  • Weekly updating of rider insurance
  • Gcash modifications / MPIN resets

Rider Acquisition, Training, and Deployment 

  • Ensure the rider pool is always updated
  • Interview possible candidates
  • Collect rider requirements 
  • Train new Rider Partners (both ops process + KaberX)
  • Deploy new Rider Partners - give accountability forms (if with handheld), Gcash, courier bags, handhelds if needed, FE and KaberX usernames, welcome letter, sticker & bag (request from Jaboy).
  • Update the #rpactivation channel

Rider Engagement

  • Update Weekly Leaderboard + Awarding in the hub 
  • Continuously coach low-productivity riders 
  • Ensure good attendance among riders 
  • Conduct rider cascades 
  • Communicate constantly with riders and gather feedback from them.
  • Help riders with seller/buyer issues
  • Entertain earnings disputes and escalate to HQ if needed

Rider Deactivation

  • Temporary and permanent deactivation of riders (based always on Rider Dos and Don'ts).
  • Update #rpdeactivation channel 
  • Retrieve all assets issued to the deactivated rider 

Escalation Support 

  • Conduct an investigation on rider concerns 
  • Resolve incidents with CS and RP
  • Implement proper sanctions
  • Handle issues of rider loss/theft 

Rider Government Compliance

  • Check DTI & BIR requirements of riders (monitor new rider requirements)
  • Check and collect rider ORs monthly 
  • Release BIR 2307 monthly

Hub Support 

  • Hub supplies inventory 
  • Desktop headcount
  • Cashier reliever 


  • Continuously seek ways and means that will either improve efficiency or minimize operational costs, based on operations and industry data and its presumed impact.

People Management

  • Accomplish results through managing hub personnel by developing and establishing effective controls, performance management, coaching and counselling, disciplining and ensuring that staff have the necessary resources in the performance of their job.
  • Ensure team's and member's compliance to company policies and that erring associates are disciplined.


  • Promote a culture of service excellence by modelling 4 Virtues of QUADX: Ximple, Xecure, Xertain and Xeamless.
  • Recommend solutions to problems encountered or observed
  • Perform other duties which may be assigned provided the relevant necessary orientation or training is carried out

What You'll Need:

  • Must be a graduate of any 4-year business-related course.
  • Must at least have 2 years of service experience as a team leader (Internal).
  • Must at least have 3 years of experience in related field skills (External).
  • Must have excellent quantitative and analytical skills.
  • Preferably has knowledge of business and management skills.
  • Must have good written and verbal communication skills and goal-oriented.
  • Innovative problem solver who can generate workable solutions and resolve complaints.
  • Highly adaptable, resourceful, patient, and risk taker who is open to new ideas.
  • Direct, communicate with, and motivate subordinates to high performance.
  • Strategically delegate duties and responsibilities for best results.
  • Set and monitor performance standards within the team.

About the Team 

The QuadX Operations team is composed of Business Operations, Process Excellence, Rider Management, Partner Management, Network Expansion, On-Demand, and Data Strategy. We in the Operations Team always want to deliver the last smile to our customers through excellent execution of pick-ups and deliveries nationwide. We’re a highly passionate, highly driven, and highly energized team ready to take on challenges as they arise!

Hub operations are part of Business Operations mainly responsible for the proper Pick up of order items, delivery of order items, and forwarding of picked-up items from the sorting facility. 


We care about and protect your personal information. Learn more about QuadX's Privacy Policy  here .

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This job is no longer accepting applications.

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