5 Ways to Stop a Valued Employee from Quitting

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5 Ways to Stop a Valued Employee from Quitting

One moment, things are going fine at your company. And in the next, a star employee resigns. You now realise that you have to rely more on the other team members.

This situation not only affects team morale but also reduces performance and engagement at the workplace. Thus, it is important to have employee retention strategies to avoid all this mess. 

Here are 5 ways to stop valued employees from quitting.


1. Hire the Right Employees

This may sound obvious, but when you initially hire someone, you have to try to find an employee whose work culture and beliefs align with those of your own organisation.

At the end of the day, you want to create an environment that each and every employee wants to be in. A place where they identify that they belong. 


2. Provide Good Incentives

Always remember that recognition is essential. Individuals tend to feel more comfortable when they are either rewarded or recognised for the work that they have done. 

Most employees would also generally feel more motivated to put in their best efforts if a reward or incentive is offered to them.


You may be wondering how to incentivise your employees. Fret not, there are endless possibilities. Employers can offer monetary incentives (referral programs, pay raise, bonuses) or non-monetary incentives (gym memberships, spa, trips). 


3. Give Employees a Voice

Retention can be vastly improved if employees are given a legitimate say in the company. Gathering feedback from them and turning it into actions show that there is a sense of leadership present. It shows that their opinions are taken seriously and do not go unheard.

An opportunity can be designed for employees to give candid feedback that they find valuable for themselves and the company. This opportunity enables them to identify and highlight problems and even possible solutions that they can think of. 


4. Encourage Positive Values at the Workplace

Building on the earlier point, it is also essential to keep a workplace healthy. Many people leave an organisation when they feel that the culture there is beginning to get toxic and unsupportive. 

As employers, the responsibility falls on you to ensure that your workplace is well-managed, inclusive and a safe space for your employees. Ensure that there are avenues for those who may be unhappy about situations to come and speak with you. 


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