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The Recruitment Platform to Hire Admin & Office Staff

GrabJobs is an all-in-one solution that helps your HR team hire more efficiently.
Automate the three most time-consuming recruitment process: Talent Sourcing, Candidate Screening & Interview Scheduling.

Employers Stories

James Lee - UNIQLO
James Lee - UNIQLO
TA Regional Manager
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I can personally vouch for the effectiveness of GrabJobs. The platform has enabled my recruitment team to track numbers, filter candidates and improve hiring efficiency.

GrabJobs Hires Best for :

Recruitment Videos

Recruitment videos are here to change the way you post jobs and attract candidates!

Offer an immersive candidate experience with Recruitment Video to:

  1. Attract More Applicants
  2. Showcase Your Company Culture
  3. Better Engagement
  4. Increase Brand Awareness

Start Hiring Better, Faster!


Your exclusive careers site, designed by you, to spark talent attraction.

Automate Screening & score your candidate profiles based on their interview answers.

Less time scheduling interviews means more time hiring.
Make your life easier with GrabJobs built-in interview scheduling platform.

Centralized Talent Pool of Candidates

Easily keep track of all your applicants by centralizing their profiles in one place.

Instant Applicant Engagement

Customize your automated messaging to keep your candidates engaged at all times.

Hire On-the-Go

Access your pool of candidates from the app and manage recruitment wherever you are.

Handshake of successful business partners after negotiation and signing new contract

Start Hiring Better, Faster

Stop spending long hours on recruitment, let GrabJobs automation work for you!