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The Recruitment Platform to hire Retail Staff

GrabJobs is an all-in-one solution that helps your HR team hire more efficiently.
Automate the three most time-consuming recruitment process: Talent Sourcing, Candidate Screening, and Interview Scheduling.

Our solution helps Retail companies attract the best talent in less time and less cost. In previous articles, we explored 8 ways to maximize your number of applicants, as well as how to use Social Media and Branding Videos as a means to attract applicants.

Today we explore the most cost-effective method that the largest Retail companies use to find staff – that is oversized in-store posters with interview chatbot linked QR codes.

Recruitment Videos

Recruitment videos are here to change the way you post jobs and attract candidates! Offer an immersive candidate experience with Recruitment Video to:
  1. Attract More Applicants
  2. Showcase Your Company Culture
  3. Better Engagement
  4. Increase Brand Awareness

GrabJobs hires best for :

  • Sales Assistant
  • Cashier
  • Merchandiser
  • Retail Associate
  • Retail Sales Promoter
  • Store Assistant
  • Outlet Supervisor
  • Sales Representative
  • Shop Supervisor
  • Retail Assistant
  • Sales Associate
  • Retail Executive

Retail Employers Stories

"I can personally vouch for the effectiveness of GrabJobs. The platform has enabled my store recruitment team to track numbers, filter candidates and improve hiring efficiency at the store level."


24/7 Interview Chatbots

Everyone knows that the hardest part of recruitment is screening candidates.
Instead of going through piles of resumes every day, GrabJobs Interview Chatbots conducts your initial online screening round.

Automated Interview Scheduler

Less time scheduling interviews means more time hiring.
Make your life easier with GrabJobs built-in interview scheduling platform.

Offline-to-Online Job Posting & QR Code

The ultimate way to convert your customers into potential hires.
Bridge your offline physical presence to online recruitment with technology.

Featured & Urgent Job Posting

Bump your open roles up to the top of search result to attract talent faster.

Share Profiles with your team

Send relevant candidate profiles to your team in just one-click.

Real-time Recruiting Insights

Get insights about your recruitment activities to optimize your performance along the way.

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