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4. Recruitment Automation

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Tutorial - Automating Recruitment with GrabJobs ATS

Posting jobs – mission accomplished !
Screening applicants as they apply – nailed it !

Wait, GrabJobs can also help me engage with my candidates and manage them efficiently ?
Well, that’s what we call end-to-end recruitment automation: helping you streamline the traditional recruitment tasks so you can increase your productivity, fasten your time-to-hire and reduce your cost-per-hire.

In this tutorial, we speak about how you can manage your pool of candidates with GrabJobs user-friendly Applicant Tracking System and ultimately automate your recruitment process from talent acquisition to onboarding.

1. What is an Applicant Tracking System - ATS?

By definition, an Applicant Tracking System is designed to help companies streamline their hiring operations. It’s a system that facilitates the collection, the organization, the filtering, the processing and the storage of applicants information.

GrabJobs Applicant Tracking System have many benefits for your HR team:

  • Allow candidates to easily apply for a position from any device.
  • Automate your candidate screening and filtering.
  • Tracks all communications with candidates via Live Chat.
  • Empower you to collaborate with your team and submit notes about candidate.
  • Streamline interview scheduling, allowing candidates to choose a time that works for both you and themselves.
  • Monitor your recruitment metrics like time and cost-efficiency or candidate qualification.

2. What Happens When you Shortlist Applicants?

To start moving applicants through your pipeline, you’ll need to Shortlist them in the first place. Doing so will establish a direct and exclusive communication channel over Live Chat between yourself and your candidate.
Read more about how to get in touch with your applicants.

Each job has it’s own recruitment pipeline to manage your candidates through their application journey, from “New Applicant” status to “Hire” if they – hopefully – make it this far.

Remember how your Interview Chatbot screens applicants as they apply?
It also rank them from top qualifying score to least matching profiles and can handle the shortlisting of your more promising applicants with recruitment automation.
Curious about that? Here are our tips to the ultimate recruitment pipeline.

View the full details of your candidates profile and Interview Chatbot answers by clicking on their profile.

Stop spending long hours on recruitment, let GrabJobs automation work for you!

3. How to Manage your Candidates with "tags"?

The more you shortlist applicants, the more you’re building your pool of candidates.

To keep track of all data and manage their profile efficiently, you can classify them with “tags” in your space “My Applicants”. This means that you are able to group your selected candidates based on, for e.g, job position they applied for.

You can add and/or remove “tags” at any time – this won’t notify applicants as you get them organized in your ATS.

4. Getting in Touch with your Candidates

Finding suitable candidates is one thing, but connecting with them and scheduling an interview is another. GrabJobs provide the tools to make your life easier and help you get in touch with your candidates.

4.1. Live Chat

Responding faster to your candidate about their application is definitely going to leave a better impression than leaving them hanging for days. That’s just common sense.

Not only will it make them happy, but it can also have a big impact on their engagement to join your team. When you shortlist applicants, it creates a private 2 ways communication channel between yourself and your candidate.

Contact applicant straight from your Employer Dashboard, share documents and schedule interview instantly.

4.2. Interview Scheduler

Surely you have experienced going back-and-forth with candidates to set an interview date before. This can be annoying at times, right?

With GrabJobs’ Interview Scheduler, you can leave this manual task behind! 

Candidates receive automated reminders 24hrs & 3hrs before their scheduled interview.

5. The Ultimate Recruitment Pipeline - Hiring Automation

Want to let GrabJobs run on auto-pilot until you take over for the last round of interview? That’s easy.

In just 2 clicks, turn the “auto-shortlist” and “auto-schedule interview” features ON to let the Interview Chatbot filter and invite candidates as they apply. You can check-in to refine your shortlisting acceptance rate and edit your engagement message at any time.

Here are 7 reasons why GrabJobs recruitment automation features are game changing:

  1. Post Jobs to 20+ job sites in 1 click
  2. Centralize applicants from all sources in your central Applicant Tracking System
  3. Automatically screen and score applicants as they apply
  4. Shortlist or reject applicants based on their interview score
  5. Schedule interviews for you, letting candidates choose their preferred time slot
  6. Send reminders automatically 24h & 3h before interviews
  7. Get real-time notifications on candidate interview show-up

Overall, GrabJobs automation helps you spend more time on your value-added HR operations while we handle your time-consuming & repetitive recruitment tasks.

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