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How Uniqlo saved $40,000 last year with Recruitment Automation

Uniqlo operates 28 stores in Singapore and employs over 5,000 employees. With the opening of new stores and a retail staff turnover rate of 30%, Uniqlo Singapore has constant need to hire full-time and part-time staff.
Faced with large volume of hires to make, the lean 3-member recruitment team at Uniqlo was faced with the following challenges:

  1. Time consuming and repetitive recruitment process with over 40 hours spent each week sourcing and screening applicants
  2. High interview no-show rate of 50%

After having implemented GrabJobs Recruitment Automation Platform, Uniqlo was able to achieve the following:

  1. Over 1,000 staff hired in just over 4 months
  2. 239 man days saved over a year, corresponding to $39,000 saved
  3. Interview show-up rate increased from 50% to 83%

Uniqlo is the world’s third-largest manufacturer and retailer of private-label apparel. The company generates USD$22 billion in annual sales from approximately 2,200 stores in 22 countries, with 50,000 employees.

Before GrabJobs, the HR team at Uniqlo:

GrabJobs Hiring Solution implemented for Uniqlo Singapore

Applicant Sourcing

  1. With our multichannel job posting function, Uniqlo’s jobs are reposted automatically on over 20 other job sites.
  2. With our Career Page widget, the jobs are also automatically posted on Uniqlo’s official Career Website
  3. Posters and flyers with GrabJobs QR code are available in every Uniqlo store for walk-in applicants to apply
  4. Social Media campaigns are run to attract candidates for Recruitment Days Applicants coming from sources above are all centralized on GrabJobs dashboard and must answer an Interview Chatbot to complete their application.


Our Interview Chatbot was customized to automatically screen applicants over chat according to Uniqlo requirements. As part of the screening, applicants are asked which preferred store they want to work in.
The bot scores all applicants and automatically shortlists those that match requirements, and rejects those that don’t.

Interview Scheduling & Reminders

Shortlisted applicants are automatically sent Interview Invitations to meet the Store Manager at their indicated preferred store. Candidates receive automated reminders 24H and 3H before the interview to reconfirm their attendance or reschedule/cancel.

GrabJobs helps Uniqlo HR team increase efficiency 100x with Recruitment Automation

Results over 12 Months Period

1st March 2019 – 29th Feb 2020

Man Days Saved
$ 0
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Uniqlo's Top Features Awards

Job Posting on 20+ Job Boards in 1 Click

Post jobs on multiple job sites in a breeze. Manage all your postings from a single place.

24/7 Smart Interview Chatbots

GrabJobs Interview Chatbots conducts your initial online screening round.

Automated Interview Scheduler

Make your life easier with GrabJobs built-in interview scheduling platform.

Customize Your ATS Hiring Stages

Build your own talent pipeline to match your recruitment process across multiple stages.

Handshake of successful business partners after negotiation and signing new contract

Start Hiring Better, Faster

Stop spending long hours on recruitment, let GrabJobs automation work for you!