5 Job Skills You Will Need in 2021

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Job Skills

Even without a global pandemic at hand, the world of work is already in a constant flux. Add to the mix newfound technology, and most of us have got quite the challenge waiting for us back at our job. How then can job skills help you in 2021?

The skills needed to be successful today differ from what was needed today and what will be required tomorrow. Don’t worry though – here’s an article that shares 5 job skills you will need in 2021! 

1 - Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence

Emotional intelligence ‘is the other kind of smart’, says Travis Bradberry, the co-author of Emotional Intelligence 2.0. It’s an intangible but absolutely necessary quality that helps individuals tune into the kaleidoscope of human emotions.

At work, this job skill will better enable you to connect with your colleagues and employers. Sensing the mood that someone might be in could clue you in on how to approach and interact with them in various social settings. 

The epidemic has presented each of us with our very own set of troubles, and it will only help if we respond to those around us with a little touch of empathy. 

Emotional intelligence, as such, would be the first of 5 job skills you will need for your job in 2021. 

2 - Creativity

Often misunderstood as a quality that only individuals like photographers, directors, writers or artists may need, creativity is a job skill that everyone could acquire to help themselves at work!

With automation taking over many day-to-day functions, many of us may witness somewhat of a levelling effect between different organisations. The differentiating factor will thus, be creativity. 

Creativity could help you solve problems at work in an individualistic and personalised manner as it makes one stand out from another – a very unique quality to take on indeed!

As such, nurturing the quality of creativity is the second job skill we recommend that could help you at work in 2021. 


3 - Adaptability

Job skill: adaptability

The third job skill that we recommend you take a look into is adaptability. 

No doubt it’s a very timely work skill you can take on too. As mentioned in an article published by Forbes.com, “what we’ve learned today will be out of date in two or three years’ time.”

Every individual will need to build their flexibility and adaptability skills as this will allow them to better prepare for the work that they might have to take on the future, with the new ways of doing things. 

As such, adaptability is the third job skill that could help you tackle any issues at your workplace in 2021. 

Critical Thinking

Almost a timeless work quality to be acquired, critical thinking is one skill that many employers will be glad to see in their colleagues. 

Most of us have probably heard this term many times too, but what exactly does it mean? Well, critical thinking refers to the ability to use logic and reasoning to interrogate an issue or problem, while considering various solutions and weighing the pros and cons of each approach. 

As a quality that promises to handle multiple issues at work, it is indeed a commendable job skill to learn these days!

Critical thinking – that’s the fourth job skill that could also help you on your job in 2021. 

5 - Data Literacy

Last but not least, the fifth job skill one should try to get on his/her belt is data literacy.

The WEF predicts that data and Artificial Intelligence (AI) will be one of the key drivers of growth in the near future.  

Considering the sheer volume of data that organisations now have to deal with on a daily basis, the growing need for employees who have the job skill of data literacy is pertinent now more than ever. 

Employees who are skilled to sift through the numbers, find actionable insights and use big data to inform business strategy and decisions may be a preferable candidate to one who may not be a data literate. 

And that’s the fifth job skill you can look into acquiring – data literacy! If you’re on the lookout for a job change, this may be one of the qualities that could make you distinct from your competition. 

Job skill: Data literacy

And there you have it – a compiled list of 5 job skills to help you at work during the new normal. We hope this article helps you pick up on some of the more useful and relevant skills of the new generation. 

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