Free 8 Best CV Templates Available Online


Aren’t CVs just the worst? They’re tiring to update, annoying to send, and exhausting to create. Some job portals are only able to accept certain formats of CVs which makes it even more time-consuming to manage.

Of course, you could apply through our GrabJobs portal (no CVs required!), but if you need easy templates in Microsoft Word to edit, we’ve combed through the internet to find downloadable ones that can be edited:

For Fresh Graduates

Here are some CV templates for fresh graduates that we love:

  1. Resume for recent college graduate, Microsoft Word
  2. Polished resume, designed by MOO
  3. Button-Down resume, HLOOM
  4. Traditional Elegance, HLOOM

When it comes to fresh graduates, what you need to showcase are the skills you’ve picked up in school. Don’t underestimate how many job sites still mention ‘Microsoft Office experience’ as a necessary skill.

Your experience section can be slightly sparse, but ensure that you include any part-time jobs or internships, as that will help the employer see your work experience so far. It would also help mentioning projects or volunteer work that you were a part of as well.

To bulk up your resume (the one-page maximum still applies, so don’t ramble on), fill up the objective section; you can speak about the jobs or industries you want to join, and why they should hire you.

For Experienced, Industry-Based (Retail Jobs, Hospitality Jobs, etc) Roles

Here are some amazing free CV templates for experienced job applicants:

  1. Resume, Microsoft Word
  2. Modern chronological resume, Microsoft Word
  3. Spick And Span, Freesumes
  4. Creative resume, designed by MOO
  5. 10+ Effective, Downloadable Resume Templates, designed by Resume Writer Singapore

If you’re currently working or if you’ve experience either through multiple part-time jobs or entry-level jobs, what you need to do is to move that to the top of your CV. Employers will be looking for the years of experience as well as the roles taken, so make sure you provide details for the jobs. In the retail industry, for example, ‘Shop Assistant’ could include cashier work, which would be a valuable skill for future employers.

At the same time, don’t forget the skills section; you should have more skills to fill in now that you have more experience.

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