Sick of Employers Ghosting You? Here is How GrabJobs Tackles That.


‘Ghosting’, or the sudden breaking off of all communications, isn’t reserved just for romantic relationships; even in business, ghosting can take a toll.

Job seekers have long complained that recruiters and job portals never get back to them after the initial job application process. This makes them hesitant to keep using job portals.

And even though our GrabJobs team comes from the high-volume recruitment world (and hence understands how hard it is to sift through hundreds of CVs, let alone reply to all of them),  we also know that it’s infuriating to send out a CV and then wait to hear…nothing.

To address this, we’ve worked to ensure that our GrabJobs platform helps job seekers remain informed as to the status of their applications. No more waiting weeks in vain. Here’s how it works:

1) 5 Day Auto-Reply

We recommend for employers to make a decision on shortlists within 5 days; this means that you should know within 5 days whether you’ve been shortlisted or not.

If you’re not shortlisted (find tips to get shortlisted here!) within 5 days, our system will automatically send you an email update, so you can look for other positions.

This isn’t a perfect system, since we can’t guarantee that all employers will confirm their shortlist within 5 days, but this will help reduce some of that stress for job seekers.

2) Follow-Up In-App

Sending your CV to a generic HR email address can sometimes feel like you’re throwing it into a black hole; there’s no knowing how or when to follow up.

Our GrabJobs mobile app eliminates that concern; the in-app chat feature functions as a direct line to employers! Use it just like WhatsApp, and contact employers to find out shortlist status, interview timings, and more.

3) Interview Scheduler

Speaking of interview timings, oftentimes the last communication between a potential employer and a job seeker might be the confirmation for an interview, weeks in advance.

With this the case, job seekers might forget about the interview by the time the date actually rolls around, or even wonder if it was cancelled without notice. This concern also applies to the recruiters, who worry about no-show rates.

Our GrabJobs Interview Scheduler ensures that both job seekers and recruiters get reminders and notifications of interview confirmations. The automatic interview scheduler allows job applicants to book a date and time with the recruiter; they’ll then receive notification through the mobile app a day in advance to confirm the interview. If there’s a need to reschedule or cancel, you can do it through the mobile app as well, and it’ll notify the recruiter immediately. You’ll never have to worry about losing track of interview dates again!

As usual, we’re still working on more features which will help job seekers to apply for jobs quickly and efficiently (like our ‘Dynamic Profile Creation’ feature!), but we’re also committed to ensuring that the job application process itself continues to be hassle-free for all. Ghosting will be a thing of the past, with our GrabJobs platform.

Emmanuel Crouy

Co-founder & CEO of GrabJobs. Background in Technology, Recruitment, Marketing and Sales. Engineer at heart. Passionate about solving recruitment problems with technology. Obstacle racing enthusiast.