How To Get A Job Without A Resume

It sounds ridiculous, the idea that you can get a job without a resume and cover letter. After all, isn’t that the first action that recruiters ask for on all job applications?

‘Please send an updated CV with your availability to [email protected]

How would it be possible to apply for a job and showcase your work experience if you don’t have a CV that’s up to date? Especially when you’re looking for a role that focuses more on prior experiences than education credentials?

Well, you can’t.

You need an updated CV at all times in order to apply for jobs.

However, is your CV updated?

No? We thought so.

Irrelevant CVs are the same as No CVs

Most people use one CV for the year that they use to apply for all jobs, regardless of whether or not the CV includes the relevant information for that job application.

That’s also one of the main reasons that recruiters don’t get back to you: your resume wasn’t tailored for the job they were hiring for. Also, with Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) that automatically parse CV, your CV may not be “ATS-friendly” that some information may be left out or misinterpreted.

However, it would be so time-consuming to tailor your CV each time, that many people just end up not applying for roles that require a brand new CV. There’s hence a gap here: recruiters need tailored CVs so they can immediately pick out the most relevant ones, but it takes too much time to do that for each role on the job seeker end.

This is where automation is useful for both sides: a Dynamic Profile Creation feature, set up to update your information automatically when you apply on the same platform.

Automatic Updates, Automatic Profile Creation

A good job platform should use the information you use in your first job application to create a profile for you, and then dynamically update/overwrite that information whenever you apply for another role. That way, recruiters will always see the most updated information, without you having to manually change your resume each time.

This also means that the more interview chatbots you answer, the more optimised and elaborate your job profile will be.

And how would this work? Chatbots are a popular tool that many businesses use to ask common pre-screening interview questions.. Chatbots could get all the time-sensitive questions out of the way, like the availability, expected salary, years of experience, etc.

Mobile-First Is The Future

Businesses that aim to speak to consumers need to be mobile-first: after all, most of us spend more hours on our phone than on a computer, especially if your current role keeps you on your feet all day.

The interview chatbot should be located in a mobile app, with the ability to conduct all interview activities through the app as well. That would be a massive time-saver for job seekers!

A popular tool that not enough people are using, as well, is an Interview Scheduler: recruiters can put in the hours that they’re free, and then the job seekers can choose which interview block they want to go for.

It’ll be so much more efficient as compared to ‘When are you free?’

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