Retail Interview Questions and How to Answer Them

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Retail Interview Questions are questions most of us would have faced at some point in our careers. Most of us have worked in a retail settings, especially those who have had part time careers. To those who are starting out or are experienced in the retail sector, this guide will help you ace your interview and nail that job.

Retail could be a good career to start off fresh from college, or for people who have retired but still enjoy human interactions. It used to be somehow easy to just show up and get hired. In this day and age, retail has become a competitive field in its own right. You’re probably wondering what are the hiring managers looking for in retail employees and whether you have what it takes to ace that interview.

Here are the top 8 questions that you might get asked to find out if you have these traits and if you’re the right person for the job:

1.Why do you want to work in retail?

This is the most common question asked in an interview.

Example: “Retail is one of the many fastest growing businesses in the world. I love how stylish and fashionable your products make me feel, and I want to help other people feel the same. With the knowledge and experience I have from my previous job, I’m confident that I can bring value to your company.”

2. Did you have past experience working in retail?

This is to test your understanding of the skills that a retail industry needs. If you used to work in other retail companies, go ahead and name a few. Share with your interviewer the role you’ve worked in, your responsibilities and how your contribution towards them. This allows them to know you better and add points in your profile.

3. How do your previous co-workers describe you?

This tells them the way you relate with the people you work with and your behavior. Share a few strong traits of yours like passion, product knowledge and willingness to learn in order to show yourself as a team player in the company.

4. True or false: customer is always right.

You know that this is not true, but they will expect you to show your problem-solving skills in the way you’re answering it. You can say- “Whenever there’s a problem  with the customer, I will always find the best solution in the situation. It is important for us to remain calm and professional at all times.”

5. Are you able to perform under pressure?

Since retailing is a pressuring job especially when it comes to dealing with different customers in all walks of life, your answer to this will need to be positive and provide them with examples of how you dealt with customers when you’re under pressure.

6.Why should I hire you?

Take this opportunity to share a summary of your resume. This is the time for you to flaunt your skills and achievements. But if you don’t, you can focus on your skills, goals and interests. Don’t be intimidated to show your sense of humor here because that’s what makes you a unique individual

7.Are you flexible in terms of working hours?

The obvious answer to this is yes. As you already know that retail field will require you to be working at odd hours including public holidays and late night. You can say that you do not have schedule restrictions.

8.Do you have any questions?

This usually hits last. Asking relevant questions to the job role shows the interviewer that you are a reliable person and have already begun to take ownership of the role that you are applying for. Avoid asking questions about money or pay raise at this point as this is not the right time.

Spend some time to practice and prepare for these retail interview questions and you’re definitely on the right track to find the perfect retail position for yourself! Apply now for retail jobs on GrabJobs!

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