The Top 10 Industries Hiring During The Holidays (Part-time & Full-time Jobs)

The Summer Holidays are upon us, which means that it’s time to pursue part-time roles or internships for relevant industry experience. Having a part-time job on your resume helps prospective future employers to gauge your level of work experience, while also providing you with some extra income. Here are some popular industries to explore during your holidays!:

1. Retail

Retail is one of the most popular industries that’s constantly hiring. With the low barriers to entry and high demand, many students are keen on these roles. We’ve also discussed previously in another article the challenges and opportunities this industry has. What are you waiting for? Apply for some of these great roles now!

2. Barista/Waiter/Waitress

Another common job type that students take during the Summer Holidays are F&B roles: Baristas, Waiters, Waitresses, etc. 

These roles are similar to most retail roles in terms of their emphasis on customer service. In every job position, be it Marketing, Sales and even Tech, employees are encouraged to adopt a customer-centric mentality. Putting ourselves in the shoes of a consumer to understand their wants and needs is critical for a business. These industries will definitely equip you with the basics of adopting a customer-centric mentality which will be helpful in your future roles.

We have a bunch of F&B roles right here for you to apply.

3. Private Tutor

If you have a passion for teaching, consider taking up a job in the education industries as a private tutor. This is one of the most lucrative part-time jobs around, especially in Singapore, where parents are willing to spend a lot of money on their children’s education. Choose any topic you’re best at, from Languages to Mathematics, as well as the education level, and you’re good to go!

If you’re planning to start out, do consider charging below market rate until you’ve gotten enough tutoring experience or testimonials to charge the market rate and above.

4. Fitness Trainer

Were you a Physical Fitness Instructor (PTI) during your army days? Or are you a certified yoga instructor? Don’t waste these skills; teach others how to work out efficiently and effectively by taking on a Fitness Trainer role. Do note that these roles require a niche set of skills and relevant certification for you to enter the industry, unless you’re training your friends/family members and start by charging them for it.

5. Telemarketer

Enjoy talking to people on the phone? Well, this may just be the job for you! Telemarketing extends to more than just sales & customer service. Some positions require candidates to search for potential leads and contact them accordingly. Oftentimes, you are the first contact point for companies, so depending on your conversation, it may affect your company positively or negatively. 

6. Sales Promoter

This is an oldie but a goodie; sales promoters are always needed during the IT shows and other conventions in Singapore. The advantages of these jobs are the short-term, high-pay nature of their role. This attracts many students who just need a little boost in income. 

7. Driver 

If you have a driving license, especially a Class 3 or Class 4 license, you could make extra money during the holidays by working as a delivery driver for a number of delivery apps and services. Besides delivery drivers, many students do part-time work as Grab or GoJek drivers during the school term as well. 

8. Customer Service Staff

Customer Service roles have an ongoing supply of positions all year round. With its low entry requirements, it attracts a lot of students as well as fresh grads. There are different types of Customer Service roles from back office calls to front desk personnel. Depending on the industry, the responsibilities demanded differs as well. However, regardless of the industry, Customer Service personnel are always in need.

Check out these Customer Service roles here!

9. Administrative Assistant 

Admin Assistants handle a myriad of tasks from meeting bookings, minute taking, inventory & pantry stocks, data-entry and other routine tasks. Admin positions extend from departmental all the way to personal assistants for management level employees. If you’re able to multi-task and you’re organised, this may be the perfect role for you!

Interested? Apply for these Admin roles here!

10. Web Designer

You’ll be surprised at the number of brands that don’t have a website in 2019. Design enthusiasts who are proficient enough to have created their own blog can thus take advantage of this fact and help new start-ups or SMEs to craft a straightforward website using a template. This tends to be project-based, but it also provides you with a portfolio of work for future employers!

Apply for some of these roles on our own GrabJobs platform now!

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