GrabJobs rises up for the challenge to alleviate recruitment problems.

We are pleased to announce that GrabJobs is a Supreme Sponsor for the upcoming annual PHRC & Asia HRD Summit 2019! Present at the congress are renowned and high caliber speakers from the Asian region and across the globe. Our CEO & Co-Founder, Emmanuel Crouy, is one of the many esteemed speakers who will be sharing success stories, inspiring new ideas, professional skills expertise and knowledge of industry trends with attendees.

GrabJobs is an innovative and disruptive jobs platform that aims to revolutionize recruitment in South East Asia by automating the recruitment process. Doing so cuts down the time taken for certain recruitment processes, making the entire recruitment function more efficient and effective.

This year’s congress is under the theme “HR360 Future Proof: Creating an Agile World of Work” to address Organizational Agility by challenging HR professionals to be more agile in the world of work. As GrabJobs rise to the task of alleviating recruitment problems, Emmanuel will deliver a talk in his session entitled: “Recruitment Platform 4.0: How to streamline and automate your recruitment process” that will surely inspire delegates and build their skills to address recruitment problems and pain points by leveraging on technology.

Interested to join Asia’s Highly Anticipated HR Learning Event? Check out PHRC’s website to learn more about the event:

Valentin Berard

COO at GrabJobs. Valentin leads strategic and operational activities regionally. Background in Business Development and Recruitment. Passionate about social innovation, he constantly strives to find solutions to real-world problems through harnessing smart technology. Read more:

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