Year in Review: GrabJobs 2018

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It’s less than 3 weeks to 2019! Our vision is all about helping recruiters hire faster, but as we move into the home stretch of this year, we thought it would be nice to just look back at our accomplishments. This year was one that was marked with advances in our solution, team expansions, and a lot of coffee. Welcome to GrabJob’s Year in Review.

Yes, coffee. We calculated, and the team went through a whopping 36kg worth of coffee beans in 2018! After all, work requires fuel, and this fuel was put to great use to hit our accomplishments in this year in review.

Team Expansion and Sports Injuries

Did you know that we doubled the number of GrabJob team members this year? We expanded from the head office here in Singapore to locations across Southeast Asia. From Philippines to Myanmar, our team members are scattered around the globe, making high-volume recruitment faster.

The team expansion did bring in some interesting 2018 GrabJobs facts:

  • We took a combined 435 cab rides to meetings this year. That’s more than one ride a day!
  • Somehow, there were 7 sports injuries this year alone, from team activities we took part in together.

Maybe next year we should try something more relaxing, like a movie night?

Funding and Awards Aplenty

It wasn’t all fun and games, though, as our team was working hard to get the team’s accomplishments recognised in industry circles. We had a total of 12 articles featured in prominent technology and recruitment websites; from articles and interviews in e27, Tech In Asia, to Human Resources Online.

This included interview with Emmanuel Crouy, our CEO, covers our award-winning solution.  Awards we won include the Best Recruitment Innovation and Best Job Portal at the Asia Recruitment Awards 2018, as well as the Most Disruptive Innovation at The Singapore HR Awards 2018.

There is also the successful US$1.2m seed funding round we went through back in January, which made news around the region.

GrabJobs Platform Innovation

Of course, we can’t forget about the actual GrabJobs platform itself; this year was a bumper year in terms of features: 17 new features were released!

For employers, we focused on producing a user-friendly omni-channel web-based interview chat bot to accompany the in-app chat bot. That was a big launch, but that doesn’t mean we rested on our laurels for the rest of the year. We then rolled out:

  • interview scheduling
  • automated shortlisting and scheduling
  • applicant engagement solutions (to decrease no-shows)
  • in-store interview kiosks
  • an updated user interface

and more!

Job seekers weren’t left out, either. We wanted applicants and candidates to apply for jobs more quickly, so we introduced:

  • the ability to apply for jobs without a CV
  • notifications when companies review your application
  • job interview reminder notifications
  • a simplified profile creation and job application process
  • a web-based version of the GrabJobs portal

In summary, all the hard work our team has put in has paid off: We had an increase of 250% in the number of jobs posted on GrabJobs, 300% more job applications as compared to 2017, and 400% more job matches than in 2017! Hiring has never been faster, and we’re looking forward to continue delivering on that promise in 2019.

This starts with the removal of CVs and our dynamic profile creation feature, as well as natural language processing and machine learning integration (to improve job matching). We’re also going to continue expanding within Southeast Asia, with more job site and interview kiosk partnerships. See you in 2019 where we hope to have a better year in review!

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