Flying Out of July: GRABJOBS Philippines Monthly Update

July went by swiftly and GrabJobs can’t wait to share with you our triumphs for this month. Take a look at all the brands who are now hiring with us!

GrabJobs PH welcomes Zomato!

Zomato helps food lovers find the best restaurants, cafés and bars among their 10,000+ partners in Metro Manila. They aim to provide the best hiring experience to support the development of their very own online food operations across NCR.

Check out if your favorite restaurant is among Zomato’s list:

And the list goes on with these amazing brands:

Avida Land Corp

Diavox Network
AXA Philippines – Invictus
Concert 8 Solutions
RGS Recovery Management
International Marketing Group
Keyland Corporation
AXA Philippines – Jaegers
Dale Starr Enterprises
AXA Philippines – Team Purpose
Bio-Diagnostic Laboratory
BPO Corp
PRU Life UK – Purpurite
PhilWorld Recruitment Agency
PRU Life UK – Team Bing
Red Rocket Global Food Studio
Philam Life – Zen
DForce Operations Center
Liberty Commodities Corporation
KILY Philippines

We are thrilled to be able to work with these brands, all of which have decided to cut time in their recruitment process. We are also thrilled to share a fresh update we’ve been working on for our job seekers. Talk about sleek!


GrabJobs Salary Guide for 2019

Hooray for GrabJobs PH

We are proud to share our very own 2019 Salary Guide! For Job seekers who are planning to venture a career on BPO, IT and SALES sectors, this guide aims to empower them and to help them make informed decisions based on compensation packages offered for the positions. Recruiters on the other hand can also use the information to attract talents as well as retain employees by understanding the market rate for these positions.

Get your FREE Salary Guide by simply clicking here!

What’s next for GrabJobs?

On August 28, 2019 GrabJobs PH will conduct another round of a FREE training session that aims to empower recruiters from various companies by sharing with them the idea of automated recruitment process to counter hiring inefficiencies from sourcing, screening and interviewing.

If you’re interested to attend this event you may click here to register:

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