GrabJobs Philippines – May 2019 Update


For the past months, GrabJobs have been continuously growing its circle of clients.

Here’s the healthy list of our new partners:

Sun Life Financial (Sequioa)
PRU Life UK (Norslia)
Philam Life (Zen)
Isentia Manila
Manulife (Phoenix Legion Star)
Bowenhills Tech
Metro Oil
KLT Fruits
Supreme Vietnamese Coffee
ValueLink Corporation
Billboard Text.

Staying true to our vision of diversity, these companies will not only fortify our belief that every applicant should have an access to Easy, Fast and Free Job Application but also to help out a lot of job seekers here in the Philippines.

It is true that the business and corporate arena is fast evolving, and GrabJobs is dedicated to keep up with all the changes to ensure your recruitment processes are up to date and efficient. Needless to say, Welcome aboard!

Visit our Web job page to browse and scout through thousands of jobs:

Grabjobs x Bagosphere: Job Prep Training for STEM women

Last May 2, 2019 GrabJobs PH participated as a speaker for Job Prep Training for STEM women. From curating an effective resume,  what are the proper gestures to take note during and after a job interview and answering possible interview questions.

Product Improvements: Job Seeker Referral Programs

Know a friend who’s looking for a job? Well, why not refer them!

There is a referral banner in our app that is on every job description page. Clicking on this banner will direct you to our referral page where you can enter the email of friends & family you’d like to refer.

Take the lead and empower others!

National University – Manila

Last May 22, 2019 GRABJOBS was invited to NU’s Annual Job Fair. Students were thrilled to learn that there is a Job seeking solution present to help first timers like them to apply easily to thousands of jobs. What made it more interesting is when they knew that the solution is for free.

WHAT’S NEXT FOR US? Last May 16, 2019 was the kick off of our training sessions for recruiters and we are organizing our next session this June 27, 2019. If you are interested to learn more about our solution and everything we can offer to help your business, join by registering through here:

Mariel Villanueva

Mariel is a multimedia artist who has a passion for design marketing. For more than a year, she has been promoting job opportunities for individuals craving for career growth. As a young adult, she believes that the first step to reach goals is by taking a step today.

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