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  • Abterra Ltd. was listed on the main board of the Singapore Stock Exchange on June 15, 2000 under the name of Hua Kok International Ltd. Its name was changed to the present name on October 28, 2005. The company's name in Latin means "fruits of the ground" or "fruits of the earth", which also reflects the strategic direction that the company pursues. 
  • Abterra Ltd is primarily engaged in the businesses like, the development of mineral business in countries Including Australia, India and Indonesia, and the intermational purchase of iron ore; the sale of Chinese steel and iron products to India and South East Aslan countries; domestic PRC logistics business and the operation and development of industrial real estate; and the import and export of cotton.
  • Abterra Ltd professes the fllowing corporate objectives: "providing quality products for domestic and foreign clients; securing generous returns for company shareholders, creating development opportunities for employees; and moving forward hand in hand with business partners". We promote the corporate philosophies of "people-centeredness, good faith towards all, being relevant to the times, helping each other in survival and in the achievement of honor". With these objectives and philosophies, Abterra has been able to run its business In a stable and healty way, to be creative but yet realistic, to stick to its core business, and to pursue a balanced growth. In addition, it uses the best products and the best services to continuously meet the demands of domestic and foreign clients; to realize its full potential, and to repay society.