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Company Introduction:

Annabella Patisserie established in 2014 from a small shared kitchen of 1-person operation unit to now a team of over 10 enthusiasts including the Founder, Ms. Annabella and also team of experienced bakers and pastry chefs.  We developed from a humble beginning to now a sizeable company that provides the best macarons supplies to many 5-Star Hotels, Restaurants, Cafes etc.


Our Motto & Spirit:

  • Customer First!
  • Employee Second!
  • Company Third!


Customer: In whatever we do today, we ensure the products or the services that is offered to our clients are from top-most dedications and effort that has been contributed.  Customer is core to our business, directly or indirectly, we strive to ensure every pieces of product that is produced will WOW our customer.


Employee: Secondly, employees are next in line of our priority, the management and founder is passionate to build a family and friendship, and the company is run like a small family.  Our key passion is to ensure basic needs of employees are met at all time, jobs satisfaction and career advancement and plenty of opportunities are given to the team members.  We encourage flexibility in work arrangement, we created a model and encourage employee to be able to take long break at least once a year. We also encourage the team members to save and to spend some saving to see the world, the best experience and education comes during travelling.

Company: We place high priority on the company against our personal benefits, to ensure the strong foundation is established, continuous investment is allocated, future business prospects are built.  And the Company will continue to expand and relying on our bottom-up approach, with the solid environment established, then we can create a good working place for all employee and in turn producing the best quality service and products for our customers.