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Ayumu Singapore has 2 fine dining concepts, namely Sushi Ayumu and Wagyu Omakase by Ayumu.  

Sushi Ayumu symbolizes a fresh start with immense possibilities.  Respecting the long heritage and honouring key elements of Edo (Tokyo) style sushi, Japanese Sushi Chefs carefully serve each course through an “Omakase” menu that showcased seasonal produce sourced daily from Japanese fishermen and suppliers delicately treated with traditional techniques to accentuate its natural flavours.

Wagyu Omakase by Ayumu is a fine dining Japanese restaurant honouring the rarest and “best of breed” thoroughbred Black Wagyu from the rich fields of Kyushu Japan. We serve different rendition of these extremely limited harvest Wagyu through a seasonal “Omakase”menu that accentuates 7 elements, namely “Fire”, “Wind”, “Sea”, “Mountain”, “Fields”, “Ice”and “Wood”.

To complete the dining experience for our discerning diners, they will be well looked after by our delightful service team, all schooled in Omotenashior traditional Japanese hospitality.