About Us

The history of Chye Choon Foods Private Limited has its roots dated back to the 1950's. We were first introduced to the local market as a small family business that operated as a sole proprietary under the name, Chye Choon Rice Vermicelli Factory. Demand was the result in our rapid growth and we were fast making a name in the local market as a major manufacturer of rice noodle and rice vermicelli. In 1978, we were incorporated as a private limited company and had our name changed to Chye Choon foodstuffs Manufacturing (Private) Limited.

Through the following twenty years of steady growth, we introduced automation and integrated it into our existing factory, thus meeting the needs and demands of consumers today.Our business also began to slowly diversify to include the trading of various types of rice, food starches, wheat flour, rice flour, sugar and other household food provisions. In 2003, the company had its name changed to Chye Choon Foods Private Limited to reflect the company's diverse interests within the food business.

Today, apart from being known as a major manufacturer of rice noodle and rice vermicelli, we are also known to a major rice importer in Singapore. Our customers are broad-based ranging from food services, institutions, industrial, wholesalers, retailers, exporters, distributors, food manufacturers, and to other business arena beyond food.

As a traditional food business, we take pride in how we have evolved over the years. We will continue to better ourselves and grow as a household name continuously and effortlessly.