About Us

With customers numbering in the millions and adding more every day, Dreamscape Networks is a leading authority in development, specialising in providing simple, innovative and affordable online products and services that change lives. Our products and services are built for business. With our online solutions, we help businesses to successfully build, grow and manage their online presence. Dreamscape Networks is renowned and recognised throughout the world’s most famous IT hubs and sectors. Headquartered in Singapore, our growing multinational team is spread across four continents, with offices and operations in Ukraine, Australia, Singapore, and the Philippines. Our years of experience in the industry have been instrumental in our growth and development as a leading tech company, targeting diverse markets and continuously looking for innovation. We are a major market player in Australia and the fast-growing Asia Pacific region. With our internationally recognised and established brands, ranging from licensed domain name registrars and cloud hosting services to digital branding and online marketing, we have been able to help businesses get to where they need to go. Our customers include individuals and SMEs as well as corporations and Fortune 500 companies. Our specialised brands have enabled us to provide various essential online solutions to millions of people and businesses on a global scale. Our products and services include global domain names, hosting, web design, search engine marketing, email marketing, and other diverse online tools that help expand businesses. Dreamscape Networks is committed to help businesses reach their full online potential, working closely with customers and providing the right tools, expertise and professional support to leverage success and growth