About Us

Founded in 1975, Eng Kong is an integrated logistics operator and a key provider of container related services to global firms operating in the Asia-Pacific region. In 1981 Eng Kong broadened its business portfolio by entering into the container depot business. Our large network coupled with an operating area of 1,200,000 sq meters that is growing to meet future business needs, gives us the capability to assist major shipping and container leasing corporations around the globe.

We provide a wide range of container support services for the logistics and infrastructure industries. We have an efficient network of 40 fully integrated container depots around Asia-Pacific. Over the years, we have established a sound reputation for reliable, cost-efficient service.

Our experienced team consists of more than 1,200 outstanding individuals with expertise across business and industry.

Fully equipped sites, a modern fleet and specialist staff, provide a high level of quality support services to deliver cost-efficiencies for your business.

  • We provide a range of specialist expertise across our strong regional network.

  • We deliver an integrated, seamless service that is time and cost effective.

  • We offer access to timely and accurate information, to help reduce risk and enhance productivity.

  • We can customize our services or provide customized solutions to suit your particular business needs.