About Us

EASI Group is Asia’s leading integrated solutions provider for the Leisure and Retail industry.

Enterprise Advanced System Intelligence (EASI) Pte. Ltd started off as a company that delivered POS system to enhance our clients’ productivity through technology. We have since progressed on to develop simple yet dynamic solutions to help the business operate at optimal levels with lower costs of investment. At the same time, we prepare them for future growth by providing continuous product innovations that anticipate future needs.

Our integrated support assists our clients’ entire business cycles:

  • Business planning, conceptualization and feasibility
  • Supply chain value transformation
  • E-commerce, distribution and logistics planning
  • Risk management
  • Branding
  • Operations and technology optimization
  • Ease of computerization
  • Enhanced control, efficiency, HQ centralization, customer retention
  • Increased business opportunities and enhanced customer service
  • Minimizing expansion risk and legality issues
  • Enhance communication and globalization