About Us

Fintonia Group is a regional venture capital and alternative assets fund management and advisory firm.

Fintonia Group has three key areas of focus:

  1. Venture capital with a specific focus on FinTech
  2. Principal investments and private equity, with significant expertise in financial services, telecom, media & technology, natural resources, steel and industrial businesses
  3. Strategy, M&A and corporate finance for entrepreneurial clients

Fintonia Group is focused on delivering business and operational value creation to its portfolio companies and clients given its strong management expertise. The senior management team of Fintonia Group as well as its Senior Advisors are industry leaders with substantial experience leading internet and technology businesses across Asia. Notably, the members of Fintonia Group’s advisory board include the Chairman of Alliance Financial Group; the President & CEO of the Philippine Stock Exchange; the Chairman of AIG Malaysia and Former MD IBM Malaysia; and industry heavyweights sitting on the boards of Alibaba Group and Great Eastern Life as well as former senior leaders of a number of large financial services companies in Asia.