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“Prevention is better than cure” is not just a saying but a way of life for the management of GATES PCM Integrated Services (GPIS), a security company that seeks to make its mark within the security industry and beyond.

Supported by a solid foundation filled with a wealth of experience and talent that form the ranks of the top management in GPIS, it is not surprising that GPIS is already on its way to becoming a household name within the security industry. Its top brass boasts an impressive 50 years of combined experience within the security industry, having provided services for various sectors such as Educational Institutions, Commercial Centres, Entertainment Centres, Chemicals Plants, Manufacturing Plants, Shopping Malls and Petrochemicals Installations, etc.

Yet the wealth of experience that forms the base of GPIS operations does not just stem from the security industry itself. In fact, GPIS has received great support from local railway company GATES PCM Construction Ltd. It is GATES PCM Construction Ltd’s financial backing as well as entrepreneurial know-how that have ensured that GPIS has taken shape in the best possible way since its inception. GPIS has adopted much of GATES PCM Construction Ltd’s culture in terms of inculcating best practices in employee relations and the management of GPIS hopes that this can be cross-applied to the security industry that it hopes to make its stronghold.

Creating this stronghold within the security industry is no mean feat. However, by adhering to the company’s two governing principles, GPIS hopes to make this dream a reality. These two governing principles: Seamless Service Quality (SSQ) & Professional Accountability (PA) ensure that GPIS continues to foster positive relationships with its clients from start to end of contract or agreement. With SSQ, GPIS assures its clients that its service will be unceasing and will embody consistent quality throughout. It also shows the client that GPIS is focussed on providing its clients with the best service that serves as the best fit for the client’s needs. It is only when the client’s needs are met and fulfilled perfectly that a company can boast the delivery of SSQ and GPIS aims to do just that. But while it aims to deliver SSQ, GPIS also shows its clients a sense of Professional Accountability that clients appreciate. By showing that GPIS is a responsible service provider and that it has taken every possible means to remain accountable to its client at every stage of work, GPIS aims to build the level of reliability and trustworthiness that current and future clients can get used to and bank on.

However, a stronghold within the security industry is not the end-game for GPIS. As its name suggests, GPIS hopes to be a one-stop centre for a whole host of integrated services by planting its footprint in various other industries as well. And as GPIS marches on in this direction, current and future clients can be sure that the principles of SSQ, PA as well as the continued support of GATES PCM Construction Ltd will follow GPIS all the way.