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H.I.S. is a Japan based Public Listed Company with over 500 offices worldwide & growing.

H.I.S. currently has 296 offices in Japan and 275 retail outlets internationally, with offices in 160 cities in 70 countries and employs around 15,000 people. This worldwide network allows the company to acquire the latest travel information from all over the globe, enabling smooth arrangements in regards to airline, hotel reservation and all other travel & tourism essentials. Each and every original tour are meticulously planned and highly regarded, and customers can travel with a peace of mind in any destination through its enhanced global network.

In 1980, H.I.S. started with only two desks and one telephone. With much passion in giving joy and full commitment in providing an excellent and memorable travel experience to its customers, H.I.S. now is not only engage in travel business but also in hotel business which includes the Watermark Hotel Group, Guam Reef & Olive Spa Resort, and  “Henn na Hotel” – the next-generation smart hotel manned by Robots in an eco-technology environment. H.I.S. is also in theme park business – Huis Ten Bosch and Laguna Ten Bosch in Japan.