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INTL FCStone Inc. (Nasdaq: INTL) provides clients across the globe with a comprehensive range of customized financial services and tools to help them protect their margins and manage volatility. A pioneer in specialized financial services, we open markets for underserved mid-market clients with insight, guidance and access. INTL FCStone's customers include the producers, processors and end users of virtually every major traded commodity; commercial counter-parties; governmental, non-governmental and charitable organizations; institutional investors; brokers; professional traders; commercial banks; and major investment banks.

We offer these customers a comprehensive array of products and services. Among these services are our proprietary Integrated Risk Management Program (IRMP), as well as exchange and OTC execution and clearing services, designed to limit risk and enhance margins and bottom-line results; physical trading in precious metals and grains; a global foreign exchange and currency payment service; asset management; equities market-making; securities execution, clearing and trading; and advisory services.

A well-capitalized and regulatory compliant organization, our businesses are supported by our global infrastructure of regulated operating subsidiaries, advanced technology platform and team of more than 1,600 employees. We currently maintain more than 20,000 accounts representing approximately 11,000 clients, located in more than 135 countries.

INTL FCStone Pte Ltd is one of 2 Singapore subsidiaries of the INTL Group.