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Jumbo Group of Restaurants began with Jumbo Seafood, a home-grown seafood restaurant that was established in 1987 and best known for its chilli and black pepper crabs. The Jumbo story soon evolved after years of restaurant management experience and now includes six diverse dining concepts that serve more than 4,000 diners daily.

In 2009, we established a Central Kitchen at our corporate headquarters to conduct R&D as well as to achieve better consistency in food quality across our various dining brands. As such, we have been able to innovate and implement a greater variety of cuisine creations to meet our diners' changing tastes and expectations, while continuing to serve quality food at reasonable prices.

With a team of dedicated and innovative F&B professionals that has placed gastronomic and service excellence at the heart of all that we do. Jumbo has achieved a number of culinary and service awards over the years.


JUMBO. Bonding people through food.