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KooBits develops digital tools and platforms to help children learn better.

We engage children with beautifully designed software and learning content. KooBits software tools are intuitive, interactive, media-rich and highly motivating. Co-developed with top educators and experts in child development, KooBits learning contents are age-appropriate, relevant and aligned to the latest education curriculum and syllabus.

Our flagship product is KooBits® ProblemSums™. It is a highly personalised maths platform for learning mathematics, powered by Big Data technology and a healthy dose of gamification. This product is currently widely adopted in Singapore, making it one of the top maths learning platform in the country. KooBits ProblemSums has also been licensed internationally to Malaysia, Indonesia and Philippines etc, with Australia, Thailand, Sri Lanka and a lot more in the pipeline.

KooBits ProblemSums
KooBits will continue to develop solutions for solving learning challenges faced by children and we hope to accomplish this through a community of parents, schools and partners.