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Lumileds was born from a strategic combination of two successful business groups within the Philips Group – Lumileds and Automotive Lighting into a stand-alone company.  These two units had a long and ongoing history of close collaboration, and this synergistic combination is designed to strengthen the new entity’s LED position in general illumination, as well as its leadership in the automotive lighting industry.  This new entity represents a world-leading lighting components business with a long history of innovation and a proven-track record of delivering industry-leading lighting technologies.

As a world-leading lighting components business, Lumileds supplies high-quality LED components to the lighting industry, as well as LED and conventional lighting components to the automotive industry. The company also holds leading (top 3) market positions in the majority of its markets: General Illumination, Automotive OEM and Aftermarket, and Specialty and Display LED products for the Smartphone and Display segments.

With industry-leading LED performance, advanced LED architecture and novel LED packaging solutions, innovation is truly part of the “Lumileds DNA”.  In the Automotive industry, Lumileds has been at the forefront for over 100 years, creating many industry standards, and introducing many innovations that have led to the advancement and modernization of automotive lighting as we know it today.

Lumileds is embarking on an exciting new journey. By combining the Lumileds and Automotive Lighting businesses of Philips into an stand-alone company, we are creating a industry-leading global lighting components business.