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Plus65 Interactive (Plus65 Interactive) Pte Ltd is a leading regional firm specialising in web development, systems development and interactive media. Advocating a sound focus on innovation & customer-centric approach, Plus65 Interactive has continually been the forerunner in the product modernism and user-experience enrichment fronts.


Plus65 Interactive’s key suite of services revolve around three pivotal aspects: Customization of Solutions, Web Design & Branding and Interactive Installations.


In our quest to meet clients’ needs in Customization of Solutions, Plus65 Interactive seeks to put forth tailor-made and revolutionary technological solutions that will optimise system operational efficiencies and provide the much sought-after cutting edge.


Through a methodical & delicate process, Plus65 Interactive’s team exercises meticulous and sublime executions in the area of Web Design & Branding; commencing every project from ground zero, designing and developing the brand to best ensure the production of the best suited work for our clients.


Our prolific teams in the firm excel in the Interactive Installations process, where the magnitude of our strength in this area is amplified further. Our creativity bandwidth spans limitlessness, hence creating long lasting and memorable experiences for our clients and their customers.


Plus65 Interactive’s intense focus on high-quality solutions bestowed upon it an industry-wide recognition, contributing greatly to its growth and success over the years. We believe our uncompromising effort to deliver distinctive work will cement our position as a tech-based, digitally-advanced design powerhouse in the region and beyond.