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 Overview of the S11 Organization:

Intrigued by their living standards of foreign workers in Singapore, the founders of S11 ventured into creating a dormitory that is distinctive from the masses. This idea led to the birth of the first integrated dormitory in the construction industry in 2010; the Changi Lodge 2 (CL2).

Attracting a full pax capacity of 4000 within just 9 months of its operation, led to the birth of the second dormitory; the Pulau Ponggol Timor Lodge 1B (PPT Lodge 1B), which was built upon and further extended based on its predecessor’s innovative approach. As a result, PPT Lodge 1B plays host to more than 13,000 workers today.

  Market opportunity:

S11 organization’s main objective is to improve the living standards of foreign workers in Singapore because having lived in difficult conditions in their homeland, the S11 team wants to make sure they are well taken care of in Singapore as they contribute in our nation building.

By doing so, this shifts the residents’ attention towards more enriching activities creating a positive environment for all. Contractors soon began to notice the stark difference in their workers who were living in Changi Lodge 2. Generally, happier, this translated in their responsiveness at work and this, strengthened a better relationship between S11 and its clients.


All these efforts have certainly contributed to PPT Lodge 1B’s success, as the dormitory plays host to more than 13,000 workers as of today. The success of operating both dormitories saw S11 Management bag the Singapore Enterprise 50 Awards, both in 2015 and 2016.

With the addition of our new dormitory for the CAG project from Nov 2017 onwards, S11 will be hosting workers behind the successful Changi Airport Terminal 4 project. Similarly, S11 intends to reach out to more clients and their workers with the development of more dormitories in the near future.