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Smardt Chillers is the world's leading high efficiency commercial air conditioning manufacturer.  We have a global presence, manufacturing in Australia, Canada, USA, Germany, China & Brazil, and our office in Singapore supports the Asia-Pacific region.

Since commencing business in 2000, the Smardt philosophy has been simple: develop state-of-the-art cooling solutions that are more reliable, more efficient, more environmentally friendly and require less ongoing maintenance and parts than conventional equipment. In 2002, the first Smardt revolutionary chiller was supplied to the commercial market

Globally, Smardt leads the way with more than 6000 oil-free chillers installed worldwide, making Smardt, by far, the largest oil-free chiller supplier in the world. Since 2010, Smardt has also been the largest chiller supplier in Australia with an extremely dominant market share, and has been rapidly expanding throughout Asia.