About Us

Sunflower Childcare Group Pte Ltd is a provider of early childhood program with an emphasis on developing the child’s multiple intelligences. We believe that in every child lies a potential to do great things and Sunflower's Mission is to nurture every child and give them a head start in life.

Sunflower Childcare Group currently manages 32 child care centres, of which 23 childcare centres are appointed under the Partner Operator (POP) Scheme. Currently 14 Sunflower Centres are SPARK Certified.

In Sunflower, other than providing reasonably attractive remunerations and staff benefits, we also believe in developing our staff through a comprehensive Staff Training Programme to enable them to reach their full potential. Training provided involves Staff Induction, Mentorship, Curriculum Training, Peer Sharing and On-the-Job Training etc, which helps to better equip our staff in providing quality early childhood experiences for the children.