About Us

Wargaming Public Company, Ltd is an award-winning online game developer and publisher, and one of the leaders in the free-to-play MMO market. The company's history is one of a unique and positive transformation. Wargaming was established in 1998 as a game development studio focused primarily on military games. Over the next ten years, the company shipped a number of hardcore RTS and TBS projects, including the highly acclaimed Massive Assault series. The year 2010 marked the true turning point for Wargaming. The company had transformed itself from a developer of military real-time strategies into one centered around massively multiplayer online games. Military action World of Tanks took the MMO genre by storm, offering a combination of simple controls, a unique setting and deep tactical and strategic gameplay. The release of World of Tanks also marked Wargaming's transition into a fully independent publisher, followed by the announcement of two new free-to-play projects—the flight combat MMO action World of Warplanes and the naval MMO game World of Warships.

In early 2013, the company acquired the Day 1 Studios console game maker and the renowned PC developer Gas Powered Games. Having strengthened its development muscle, Wargaming revealed several brand expansions, including the mobile MMO action game World of Tanks Blitz, the collectible card game World of Tanks: Generals, and World of Tanks: Xbox 360 Edition.

Commencing with the Wargaming.net Service announcement at E3 in 2012, the company has been strategically developing a battle-centric gaming universe that will gather its projects and services under a single portal—www.wargaming.net.

Wargaming has devised and introduced the innovatory free-to-win business model and acts as a vocal proponent of fair and balanced monetization for MMO games.

Refocusing from RTS titles to MMO games, as well as making considerable improvements in the scale and quality of its projects and services, allowed Wargaming to grow into an internationally operating company with over 3,500 employees and 16 offices across the globe.