About Us

Zenyum is the newest innovation in dental care. We believe everyone deserves an affordable, confident smile.

We provide 3D-printed Invisible Braces to our patients, produced under the highest quality standards and delivered to the comfort of our customers’ home.

Zenyum matches professional dentists with cutting-edge technology and offers our clients orthodontic treatment at an unbeatable cost: While the market-leader costs up to SGD 10,000 and metal braces are being sold at SGD 3,000, we offer our clear aligners for SGD 1,900 across South-East-Asia.

We are a team of experienced internet entrepreneurs and local orthodontists and raised significant seed funding from founders  who all have built and exited triple-digit million dollar companies. 

We believe in rigorous processes and high accountability towards ourselves to deliver the highest quality standard for our patients. Our goal is to become one of South-East-Asias largest and most innovative companies. To make that happen we empower some of the brightest minds in the region, looking out for each other and coaching our more junior members to drive excellence across all areas.

We don’t tolerate bullies, blaming others, or free-riders. 

We act like a professional sports team: Performance is important, but once you’re on the pitch with us we protect you and fight for you.