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ABC Center Singapore is focused on helping individuals with autism and other developmental disabilities through applied behavior analysis (ABA) therapy.    We are part of the global network of US-based Applied Behavior Consultants, Inc,  which has helped thousands of individuals with autism over the past 30 years in 4 continents worldwide.   In Singapore,  we are the only center with several Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBA's) to oversee the children's program everyday.  Our results show that 100% of individuals make progress,  able to communicate their wants and needs within a year. 

For individuals:  we offer Infant/Toddler ABA Program,   Intensive ABA Program for school-aged children,  Social Skills Program,  Play Skill Programs and Small Group Learning programs, Classroom Shadowing and consultation,  and Independent Living Skills for teens and adults.

For schools and institutions:  we offer consultations to institutions handling special needs clients.  These consultations include: training of school staff on handling of individuals with autism, assessment of the school structure using the “pyramid-powered classroom checklist”,  individual-specific assessment and creation of learning programs.

We are looking for individuals to join us who have the motivation to help individuals with autism to unlock their full potential.