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Alstern Technologies is a Singapore complex engineering solutions company founded in 2004 which chase the vision of creating a Zero Carbon Footprint Engineering Firm. The company is sought-after by clients with challenging and risky projects that require a high degree of engineering skills and technology. The company has branch offices in Hong Kong and Myanmar along with strategic partners in Middle East and Asia and employs around 100 people.

In order to realise our vision and create the future that we envisage, we focus resolutely on our mission every day. Our mission is defined by the 3P; Product, Process, People.

In all that we do, we are guided by our 3 most important brand values; Challenger, Collaborator, Catalyser.

Our value proposition is defined based on best benefits -quality and innovation that we offer to our clients. To reinforce this, We Solve Engineering Challengers. All Day. Everyday.