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Founded in Jun 2006, Ardentec Singapore Pte Ltd is an extended arm of our parent company – Ardentec Corporation Taiwan as a strategic subsidiary in South East Asia, providing professional semiconductor testing services to our regional customers with shorter cycle time, engineering capabilities, technical innovations, and our people’s endeavors and passion.

While pursuing operational excellence, we mindfully strategize in building a sustainable business to achieve profitability, care for our people, community and environment - People, Profit & Planet, they can co-exist without compromising any one of them.

We are proud to be the first in the industry to attain ISO14064, Green House Gas Management System in 2012. Our much efforts are putting into various activities to demonstrate our commitment towards a greener environment.

Activities in paying forward to our community not only involves our people, but also extends to the family and friends to cultivate the sense of responsibility towards resource and habitat preservation. 

We continuously focus on developing our people and encouraging them to express their thoughts and emotions while feeling safe in doing so.  We want to hear them and value their inputs on how to march forward together in building a stronger Ardentec that benefits out society at large.

P.A.I.R.S. (Persistent, Accountable, Innovative, Resilient & Sustainable) is our aspiration and it compasses us to do better and we are excited to continue to march towards our sustainable future.